Prep 4 Birth

3 Week Education Series

Desire to have a fear-free childbirth? Are you experiencing all the nervous jitters that come with waiting on the arrival of your new little one? Knowledge is power, and can usher you into your birth in confidence. Join certified birth doula and childbirth educator, Julia Bradner, for a 3 week “Prep 4 Birth” education series. Julia comes equipped with head knowledge, book information and unique experience of being in dozens of actual births. As a mother of 5, and a certified birth doula, she not only understands birth, but has front row experience with the sights, sounds, and paths of actual birth stories.



What will you learn through “Prep 4 Birth”?

*Birth is a natural, normal process that you can trust

*Anatomy of the woman and of the baby

*Stages and comfort measures for labor

*How to daily prepare for your upcoming birth

*Options for birth: where you birth, how you birth

*Understanding medical interventions

*Mother and newborn care

*And so much more!!!

Why take “Prep 4 Birth”?

*Support Network: meeting others who are in a similar point in their life offers encouragement and support. We will have a 6 month reunion following your class! You can meet the newest additions and share birth experiences!

*Hands on Skills: P4B will be highly interactive and teach you hands on skills you won’t receive from watching a video or reading a book!

*Gain confidence: Mental and emotional preparation is essential for a satisfying birth.  Most people enter their birth insecure and scared. That doesn’t have to be you!

*Access to a birth professional: “Prep 4 Birth” incorporates time to ask questions that you may have. You also have access to personally connect with Julia via email, text or phone call to inquire about any personal issues or questions.



Who should take “Prep 4 Birth”?

*Single or couple expecting

*If you plan to birth at home, hospital or birth center

*If you plan to have a medicated or non-medicated birth experience

*Maybe you are a first time parent and looking for a comprehensive understanding of birth...this series is for you. Maybe you are looking to have a different experience this birth than a previous one...this series is for you. Maybe you just need a refresher course that is fun, interactive and informational...this series is for you!


What makes “Prep 4 Birth” unique?

*Experience. Julia has personal experience giving birth, as well as assisting many families in their births. She is trained as a doula, but also as an educator, with a desire to equip you.

*Relational. Julia works to create a relationship with all her clients, doula or childbirth education, and offers a personal feel to her classes. You will also have access to her during and following the classes to ask questions and share your experience!

*Certification. Training through credible organizations is important. Julia received her training as a doula through DONA international and her childbirth educator training through Lamaze International  

These organizations can be trusted to require accurate information and a safe scope of practice to their members. Quality matters!


Details about “Prep 4 Birth”

When: Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, snacks and water will be provided

Current sessions open for registration: August 13th, 20, 27th

September 17th, 24th, Oct 1st

Where: Unique environment and setting. A beautiful, barn studio in Lynchburg, Virginia. (details sent upon registration)

Cost: $100/couple Payment received via cash, check or Paypal:


Some points Julia wants you to know…

*The goal of “Prep 4 Birth” is to appeal to all birthing individuals in Lynchburg. Julia has experience with hospital birth, but also works as a birth assistant for home birth alongside a Licensed midwife, CPM. The information focuses on preparing you to feel confident about the process of birth and equipped to enter with a toolbox of techniques for coping. We will talk through options, how to advocate for yourself and you will know and understand the medical procedures and protocols that may be a part of your birth. I will not assume everyone has the same choices, and speak to the many options individuals can choose.

*During “Prep 4 Birth”, you will learn about the doula services offered, and if you choose to hire Julia, your cost of the class will be credited to the doula services.