This pregnancy and birth is a once in a lifetime event, you will never be pregnant with this baby again...make the most of it! Did you know that much of your birth experience can be shaped by preparation and information? Check out the services offered!

Prep 4 Birth:

Knowledge is power! By equipping and informing yourself, you will gain confidence and peace. I have pursued my childbirth educator training to offer classes for you! I strongly suggest you take the Prep 4 Birth 3 week childbirth education series. It is very detailed, personal, equipping and hands on!

Following the Prep 4 Birth class, if you choose to invest in doula services, the $100 will be credited towards the final cost.

I have a beautiful barn studio available for the classes!


New Life Doula Package:

When you hire New Life, you hire a team! Julia Bradner and Sunshine Lewis work together to office excellent doula care for you. You will get to know both doulas and they will guarentee that one will be at your side for the duration of your birth.

You choose what fits best for you! New Life Doula Services highly values preparation! Therefore, we offer to options to choose from, either attending the Prep 4 Birth class (total 9 hrs) with a follow up in home recap session OR 2 in home preparation sessions (total 3 hrs)

1. RECOMMENDED OPTION: Attending the Prep 4 Birth class. With this option, you secure a dedicated doula, as well as a thorough childbirth class. The price of the class will then be credited to your total cost for services. The Prep 4 Birth series (totaling more than 9hrs of fun, interactive activities and group instruction) is well worth the time and investment! There are other wonderful childbirth education options in our area, I am happy to give you that information. Your preparation and understanding of birth enables me to serve you best!

2. Two, 1.5 hr, in-home personal sessions catered to you. These sessions will be personal in nature, connecting with you over your desires, fears, experiences etc. We will then briefly chat about the process of birth and will spend most of our sessions covering comfort measures and what to expect! I help you feel confident about your birth desires and informed about your choices.

We are so honored and excited to serve you and your family! Here is what else our services offer:

-Continual availability via text/phone throughout pregnancy

-Access to our lending library

-24 hr on call availability 2 weeks prior your EDD until birth

-Continual presence during your labor and delivery. During this time we will utilize massage, relaxation, visualization, strategic pelvic positioning, hydrotherapy, movement and exercises to help the woman's positioning to encourage baby into optimal position, reduce pain and apply comfort measures.

-Accompany you 1 hr following birth (or when you are settled and established nursing)

-When possible, hospital visit to review birth story

-One in home postpartum visit

-Comfort of a backup doula in the case of an emergency and I am unavailable.


Be sure to read about the stories of the amazing families we’ve been privileged to serve!


**TRAVEL FEE $50: Please note, for clients I serve that require more than 30 miles of travel, there will be an additional fee. $50/30 miles** 

**Payment for Prep 4 Birth due at time of registration.**

**Payment for doula services: A $250 retainer fee gives priority on the calendar. The remainder of the balance is p due by week 36. Need assistance? Please ask about a payment plan and be sure to check with insurance! Cash accepted, paypal to, as well as checks made payable to Julia Bradner.**

When we meet for our interview, I will go over the contract and financial stipulations, including refunds. I look forward to talking soon!